James Gerboc
1 min readOct 26, 2022


A Poem: Letting Go of Narcissistic Love

Be bold, be brave, be you...

I saw inside a deeper you
One fighting shame and doubt
A little girl seeking only love
Through anger, fear and pout.

You started life with pain you say
You didn’t understand
It changed the soul inside of you
And then you had a plan.

From this day forth you would seek
To meddle and rejoice
In making people close to you
Follow without choice.

Your family, your friends and lovers too
You schemed and lied and played
With their sense of love and life
No matter how dismayed.

To be your friend and in your life
You played a part to the end
I saw the signs, the signals, the lies
And tried to never bend.

No one knew you had no way
To be the one they knew,
You tried and tried to be someone
Who would pass a test or two.

The one you are, the one you play
Became the one who’s you.
Telling them apart is hard
For even me, it’s true.

I want you to be a part of me
And me a part of you.
But you’re not sure who you are
And now I’m not sure too.



James Gerboc

Working to mend all that is broken in the world, through words, images, and love of life.